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A day trip planned with my children 25 years ago to Pinnacles National Park brought with it an unexpected life changing adventure. 


No internet, no cell phone, only a California travel guide which led us to Pinnacles Monument (current day Pinnacles National Park).  At that time the monument was in a very remote area and I wasn't completely prepared for the days experience.


After driving 115 miles we reached the east entrance of the park and 75 miles away was the west entrance, with no roads in-between the two gates.  The decision to enter from the east set in motion the discovery of Evolution Mountain.


While hiking with my children I wanted to revisit a portion of the pinnacles that caught my eye to take a photo.  The only way to reach this site was off trail and it was extremely steep and rocky.  Intuition led me up a thick bushy cliff and it felt like all of my senses were guiding me, as if I was being led back through the veil into an ancient time.


Timing was everything…

The conjunction of the early morning sun, light and shadow angles, lined up perfectly on the mountain. I stood there mesmerized by what I was witnessing…time for an epic photograph!

The mountain presented all aspects of our planets evolution like a timeline from an untold history book.  


Forward 25 years… 

Although I never forgot about this discovery it wasn’t until recently that I decided to print and frame the photograph view of the mountain.  Again, timing is everything and the discovery of Evolution Mountain has  been completely reconstructed. This book will help introduce the project with photos and artwork created for the Evolution Mountain Project.






- Steve Evans -

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